Learn about Portrait Sessions for clarification on what happens during a shooting session. 

Headshot Session


Wet plate photography doesn't really allow for a quick shoot.  In addition to the time it takes to process each photo, every situation requires a certain amount of set up time and adjustments.  But a standard headshot-style photo or two can be had in under an hour.*  

You get:  at least one half-plate ambrotype (glass photo) and digital copies** of the plate(s). 

Half-day Session


The best way to insure a great photo is to take a bit more time and take several more shots. Changes of outfits and posing positions will be possible with this 3+ hour session.  We can expect up to about 6 images in this time.* 

You get:  at least 4 half plate ambrotypes and digital copies** of the plates. 

Full-day or Custom Session


My day is yours; you call the shots.  This will give us time to make some great photos.  Two half-day sessions (with a mid-day break). The amount of plates we make will depend on how fast we move or creative we get.  Up to 12 plates are possible but we may find ourselves getting into a zone and make more or less.*

You get:  All the plates we make and digital copies** of the plates.

* There is no extra cost for additional people in the photo but extra people may slow the process down a bit which may result in making less plates.

** Web/device compatible (72 dpi) files.   High res. (300 dpi) digital files are available at an additional cost.  Prints from digital files are also an additional option.